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This is a blog about sex, love, and relationships.

It came about after a series of conversations about how men and women are completely different and then again, completely the same when pursuing love, life, and happiness.

Angela (anoddphrase), the female perspective, is currently in a long term relationship.  She’s also living in the sunny climes of San Francisco.  She’s found that, for some reason, people keep coming to her for relationship advice.  So she decided, with the help of Frankie, to aggregate all that information in one place.

Frankie (flightdeparting), the male perspective, has over his long dating career made a habit of analyzing relationships, sex, and love.  He is currently in San Francisco, too.

Taylor (flomped), the neophyte’s perspective, has been lost and confused for pretty much his whole when it comes to sex, women, and love.  He lives near Sacramento.

James, the metrosexual/bisexual perspective, is a part-time contributor and a full-time sexaholic.  He lives in L.A. and Vermont.

All together, they are the soul–erm, sole contributors and creators.



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