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November 16, 2005

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i wrote this earlier in the year… septemberish 




 social butterfly ii



swaying to a rhythm that only i seem to hear

   and my feet move

            as if in a Spanish mamba

                        aching and drumming against the floor

            for some reason,

                        –and i’ve no idea why—

                 i seem to catch attention

                        scarlet, red, and black skirts


            oh, butterfly

                                    as i whirl across a dance floor

                                                            that exists only in my mind.



                                                                                                                        oh, butterfly


                        and i move in a rhythm that only i can hear…….






for a while there,

            i was sitting slowly

       breathing out…………..

                                                silk strings

                                                                        dallying them

                                                                 to the winds

                                                            and to people—

                                                                                                winding it about

                                                                                           their hearts

                                                                                                tightening slowly



                                                                                                                        tying it to me.



                                                                                                         now i’ve enough strings



                                                                                                and the music’s started


can’t you hear that meringue?

     tapping keys

  in my feet…



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