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October 15, 2005

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the song of the king of elysian





as if it was a chord to strum across my soul


to play a piece




that would change the world

    and bring wars to stop

 and kings and queens pause in their extravagant play


and the soap operas of life

            BREATHE IN

        and realize


                                                where they were

                                        what they were doing

                                    what they were wasting their time with


                                                                                    what they were wasting their life




            and it was as if they were awoken from a bad nightmare


                                                                        of a place far from elysian


                                                                        life is occupied with


                                                                                                            and taxes and

                                                                                                     confusing cobs of webs

                                                                                                  where      the growth of life

                                                                                                                        and children

                                                                                                            & smiles and laughter


                                                                                    are relegated to low.



                                                LONG LIVE THE KING

                                                            long live the king….

                                                                                                she sings, oh    rgeina


oh to have been played.

            at such a royal state.



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