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April 25, 2005

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

 :P,…. this is an ancient chinese poem that we were working on
in Chinese class… lol, yes, the Shakespeare of Chinese… yeah,
combine the two evils of the world and you get this :P… but evil
lovers get the equivalent of Britney Spears at the Super Bowl….
LOL–at any rate, we were analyzing this in Chinese class and so i
turned up with a creative little translation of my own… not sure what
the name of it is… but i’ll ask Shen laoshi later…. 😛

枯藤,老树, 昏鸦





withered vines [,on an] old tree, dusky {befuddled} crow

[over] a small footbridge, (above) trickling water, a
{small} family

{on} an old road—Western winds, walking besides an emaciated

under an overcast sky

broken-hearted, far from home



1. hkfromhk - April 25, 2005

oh good you’ve read that poem, beautiful isnt it? clean short sad simpleit’s by 马致远, and it’s called 天净沙·秋思written in the yuan dynasty, when mongolians ruling what is known as Cathay, and marco ran around.but you knew all that….

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