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September 16, 2004

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i wrote this for a friday paragraph (yeah, we have those here…). it ended up being kinda long, and yes, i know it’s not a paragraph :P… but she let’s us go at loose translations of paragraphs… 😛 enjoy.


a trick of the light




the sun is setting

            (you can hardly see it through the crowded, dusty Beijing streets

                                                            clouds of brown-grey pollution

                                                                        swelling and rising

                                                                                    from dark


                                                                                          holes out from

                                                                                       the bottom of dubious,


                                                                                                               cars and vehicles


                                                                           slowly swaying


                                                                                      with the mesmirizing


                                                                               of Indian dancers

                                                                        {like that]  laid out with chains

                                                                                       like waterfalls

                                                                                     of thick, heavy gold

                                                                                                            that ripples

                                                                                                         and clinks up

                                                                                                     against each other

                                                                                          –to a rhythm

                                                                                                that can’t be heard

                                                                                                            {only felt}      

and as only seen

through the haze

of blue-opium air}

                                                if you stare

                                                long enough

                                       you can see it dissipate

                                                               in the air…)



            perhaps, I am only imagining it…


                                                            the light trickling slowly

                                                                        out of the bright

                                                                              blue sky…

                                                                                                                        (   like the

                                                                                                                 water from a  



                              …but the atmosphere

                              around me, is changing…


                                                            the atmosphere from midday morning

                                                                                     and midday afternoon

                                                                                                … and out from

                                                                                                late afternoon,


                                    where the city life

                                           (and its rush)

                                                seem to slow down..    infintessimally.



                                                                                    the beeps of rush hour traffic

                                                                                                soften to the soothing

                                                                                                            hush  and hum

                                                                                                   of its midnight soundtrack,


                                                where the lovers

                                                    grow coy    and once again,


                                                            in this new fading, golden light

                                                                                                of sundown..

                                                     holding hands as they

                                                                        wander down an avenue

                                                                  debating silently with each other

                                                                                    in words,


                                                                              but for mutual motions of



                                                                                                 and lingering body language

                                                                                    slanted gently towards the other)


                                       where a daughter

                                                and a mother

                                             come out of their apartment

                                          ,just after dark,

                                                            to sit and lean against each other

                                                                                    on a bench on the side of the street

                                                                             to peel string beans

                                                                                    and talk about their day…





or maybe,

            it’s just a trick of the light

                                    {that’s now, mostly gone—


                        reflected off tiny and large

                                                dirt particles

                                           in the thick, still-summer air    })


                                                                                                            and manipulated

   off the passing


                                                                                                                        into the eyes…


                                                                                                that interprets them

                                                                                                     as they see it.




-Angela Tse H’05


Ms. Hendricks

Block C

September 9, 2004




1. Fairyskisses77 - September 16, 2004

Agh, God, this was good! Definitely one of your best!!!that damn trick of the light… always itches at my mind….

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