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July 19, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

i rather like this one, though i think it needs some work… meh :P… i’ll prob. do a redo later, since i’m too lazy to rework 😛






that faraway look

            you give me

                                    on special occasions

                                                            when your mind

                                                                                                            runs off


                                                                                                    {like water on rocks}



                                          like the fork with the spoon


                                                and the dog with the moon….



                                                                                                ]  how could we ever


                                                                                                      dream……. …

                                                                        to live so

                                                            carefree  ?              ly….



                                                                        –light like air

                                                                                    in a breeze…

                                                                                                            out to sea.


                                                ( far over… {and above{


                                                               below…. like bullets

                                                                        in water dreamt to be clearer than crystal

                                                                 } reality, more like

                                                                                    cLOUdeD judgement

                                                  among gulls and sea birds

                                                            who glide… buffetted by ropes of wind

                                                                                             swinging out

                                                                                                                    and up and along



and toyed

by a hand..

                                                                                                       ……. Unseen. ]—


                        –much like the one you give me

                                    before your eyes

                                      {of a color.. [and depth} i’ve yet to fathom}



                                                                                    .. and close






1. Anonymous - July 21, 2004

Somehow reminds me of a (the?) lake, in the spring when the water dances with sunlight, and  colors new-minted bright…::grins::  But I digress.Excellent job, would be the point.

2. karma0cean - July 30, 2004

like your writeing :: raNd0m :: pR0ps :)much lovexx

3. Anonymous - August 3, 2004

hey hey.. long time no see.. hope all is well and that the summer is going the way it should.. take care

4. hkfromhk - August 9, 2004

beautiful, like the first kiss of a young unwanted virgin

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