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April 25, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

yeah, i was bored, one day, and decided to come up with one of those weird, silly to-do lists for summer and whatnot.. yeah, jst ignore me…




my goals for this summer:


  • write (or right :P) everything in the world—that i see fit

  • kiss you

  • find a job

  • drive

  • stargaze in the back of a pick-up truck in the middle of an empty, dark, and/or deserted field (preferably with you)

  • skinny dip in the moonlight

  • run through the sprinklers at midnight

  • sunbathe topless

    • (perhaps, or perhaps not on the front lawn… depending on whether or not the geriatrics who live next door really do have heart problems…)

  • nap in the sunshine

    • listening to vague summer music beating through headphones, while lawnmowers purr two houses down, and i watch and hear the sprinkler shluck-shluck-shluck its way across a full arc and back

  • jam with Pete

  • climb with the guys, Dave, and Mike—and kick their asses

  • go to a concert

  • go to Warped Tour

    • w/ Diane, Pete, Anna, Jenn, etc.—and you, if you want 😛

  • let you reteach me how to fence 😛

  • kiss in a summer downpour

  • sleep inside with you, curled like a cat between and around each other, while the summer rain pounds lullingly on the rooftop

  • gently imprint a brand of a soft kiss on the inside of your earlobe, so that you will never let me go



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