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April 13, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

hm, yes, i had this on my other site, but it was vastly underappreciated :P… or i’m jst vain and ocd and a variety of other things. all of which r compelling me to replace it here…. 😛 i actually rather liked this one and hey, it suits the day…



grey days



these grey days of mine

            i keep them in my pocket

              smile [secret] as they slip out and wander away


         (they think i’ve no track on them)


    then they tug at my heart

    with that cotton string they find      (there)

attached to it

welded with a metal of platinum and steel




..i disappear..


                                    vanish in thin, foggy air

                                                               mists whirling

                                                            smoke billowing

                                                                 up into mushroom clouds of dust


                try to find the boat

                                    (the boat to Avalon]

            and you will see me there


                                                                                    standing on the edge of the coast

                                                                                       playing with the strands of the

breeze off the ocean

                                                                                                the water as grey as your eyes


                                                                              holding out welcoming arms

                                                                                    towards the grey days that were lost…

                                                                                           …. but never gone


(no, they were never gone from me. nor from you)




1. Anonymous - April 13, 2004

your writing is ingenius… you make mine look like i’m in fourth grade.. anyhow.. a romantic in denial… hope you get out of denial… you should keep reading my site.. it’s my advice.. and i’m a therapist so you should listen.. because i hope to inspire people to believe and love… it’s our greatest joy… anyhow… thanks for all your comments… i hope to hear from you again soon.. you can be my new xanga buddy! take care dear…

2. NCTripster - April 13, 2004

yeah, I don’t know, maybe you’re right, but I still had a prime opportunity to either be cool or do something really embarrassing, either of which would have made for a much better story, and I let it slip past
checked out some of your writing … pretty interesting stuff in an all over the place and page e.e. cummings/later frank o’hara/indie song lyrics in a tornado sort of way
oh, speaking of writing, the billy collins book … from “the art of drowning”, I guess I’d say my favorites are “thesaurus”, “dancing toward bethlehem”, “the first dream”, and “nightclub” … this book and the one before it, “the apple that astonished paris”, are both truly stunning to me in their combination of originality, lyricism, and unpretentious nature … a combination I wish far more poets were capable of

3. Anonymous - April 14, 2004

Robert F Kennedy:
Most men look at things that are and ask why… I dream of things that never were and ask why not…

4. Anonymous - April 15, 2004

Robert Frost:Our lives lie before us like freshly fallen snow… Be careful where you walk, for every step will show…

5. Anonymous - April 16, 2004

true love is never seen with the eyes, but with the heart…

6. Anonymous - April 18, 2004

i hate when things are unappreciated! where is my debate partner? hope all is well with you.. take care!

7. Anonymous - April 19, 2004

Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is all that it’s cracked up to be… That’s why people are so cynical about it… It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for… The trouble is, if you don’t risk everything… You risk even more…
Erica Jung

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