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April 12, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

yep, back again :P.. jst been going thru some things that i made during sb, i think? or probably before or some such and felt they needed to be posted at some time.. but yeah, anyway, it seems i’ve abandoned my aij account for a bit, but i might return… sometime, if i ever feel like it(?)… 😛







   and irresistable


                                    you remain 2 me

                                      2 for the price of one

                                      2 for one half off

                                      2 for free

                                        and 2 for me


your lips, curved, and sweet

we,remain,   a foot apart

            or it might as well be an ocean

                        or see

   your eyes—the color of obsidian in amber—glued to the page on the book that sits between us, my eyes glued on yours

                                    or perhaps just the air that surrounds you

                                      and the longing that sits and tickles the edges of my heart

                                      the pit of my stomach,  to rise and fall

                                   with every breath you take

                        skin to skin between us

                          and the layer of cotton clothes that lays between

                        warmth  to  warmth

                        heat        to       heat

                   your breath on mine


                                                                        and you smell so sweet…



                                                                                                            who could ever deny

                                                                                                            or ignore

                                    except you to me.

            (and one day, that day will come, when the exception is no longer the rule).




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