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April 12, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

this one i found… one of the few, i actually really like… while i (am) (was) still going thru all my junk. i got the title from a Sth Corporate song that i think is hysterical :P… yeah, lots of private jokes there.. and heh, well… this is for you. you know who you are. (`Z)



I Woke Up in A Car




to wake up in a car

 seeping with the dark of night

  the moon shining bright in the sky

     hung crooked, as if

                        from a single nail

                          driven from and into

                                    a wall

                         as blue as black as

                                                   grey and pale

                                                as the cheek of the woman

                                                            whose face angles

                                                                                    merely constantly

                                                                               ever towards the world


                                                     (cheeky, soft, bright

                                                                        waxing and waning

                                                                            between gentle and spirited

                                                        does she not ever tire of being forever watched

                                                            and charted by admirers from afar?


                                                                                                i think she does.

                                                                                       i would.  )


no, not from anything peculiar and striking

                                                            surprising,                                 yes

            but pleasant

                                    a fingertip gently to my lips

    and i wake with a start

            in a car whose engine has long been shut

                  and whose {by one

                                    [my heart does clench and shiver,     shudder

                                                when about]}





1. Anonymous - April 13, 2004

brilliant entry.. just stopping by to say hi… hope all is well with you and that things are good.. take care.. hope to hear from you again soon…

2. Anonymous - April 13, 2004

thank you for your comment on my site… hope to hear from you again soon.. take care..

3. Anonymous - April 13, 2004

thank you for your comment and link… he is a masterfull photographer, and you have good taste as well… take care…

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