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April 7, 2004

Posted by anoddphrase in Uncategorized.

no, i am not here.  i have never been here.  and i will never be at all.



            (a.k.a. from me to you)



do i truly look as if i could throw love away?

            as easily as a crushed paper ball

              tossed into the disposal

               to meet the grinding teeth

                and burning flames of something only better

                        (something to make the pain go away)


does it truly look as if i make life-shaking decisions by the advising whisper of the wind?

            as it whistles its way by, combing through my hair

             with fingers as gentle, or smoother, than

              a puff of breathy air, drifted or

               wafted toward you on a cool, uncertain night

                        (full of stars, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the unknown)


do i ever truly mean what i say?




                                                                        or by the breadth and width of my heart

                                                                                    do i hold, in the cusp of trembling


                                                                                    do i offer you what remains precious

                                                                              ,most, to me



please, just keep your hand upon my shoulder

                                   (to let me know you’re there)

                    keep your breath close to mine

                         your touch lighter than the gentlest down feather from Mother Goose


                                                                        and i will never let you go.

                                                                  (my promise, from you to me)




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