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March 19, 2004

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yes, i continue to make less and less sense 😉 [actually, i do, but only to me…], but don’t u love me all the more for it 😛



[a] directionless (conversation)


no, this one has no direction. it has {or comes with} no direction(s) at all






the silence on the other end

          stretching out before me

            like an open road

                flat and distant,    a round bowl of sky light     before me

                              (cold with a care)                      (blue light)

            like the other half of a song I used to know

                        the song from that tinny radio

                    you used to hold in your lap

                        on blistering, hot, summer, {bust-a-fire-hydrant} days….

                  when we sat out on the covered porch

                        longing, as we used to, to lay flat out on our backs                (stained dark)

                                                                        out on the sand or grass or floorboards—


                                                                  because it was just plain cooler on the ground

                     [imissyouimissyou]— flashes of the lyrics                  (a bad blink 182)

                                            would play out in my mind and                       (or good?)

             like the dial-tone before the end of the song

                before the end of my line

                 before the missed cue at the end of the play

                  before i knew you


                                                                        LQ 115—no, no, 116(!)—please.

            like the strumming of guitars

              [a bass humming away]

                        of inexpert fingers brushing gently against the striated lines

                                                            of metal strings

                                                                that simply quiver with delight

                                                              waiting to resonate in deep melody

                                                          to the harmony being played out in my head

                                         the softened pads of my fingertips

                                    smoothened out against the tiny grooves

                             of a guitar string

                          yet to be hung

                                             twisted into looping turns

                                                                                    and aching curves

                                                                                        dancing sighs

                                                                                      and the occasional hopeful glance


                                                                                                            ever, upwards

                                                from the neck of one so smiling, and brilliant

                                                                        bright and, yet dark

                                                                {far be it for me to call favorites}


and, yet this empty line……………………………………………………………………



__________(it stretches across my vision like a sore, never to be healed)_____________



                                                                                          as if asking to be plucked{

                                                                       in this patient, strung out, tension of a silence

                                                                                                             on the other end

or was it mine?




1. Anonymous - April 3, 2004

WOW… that was deep and intense… I wonder what you were thinking about at the moment that you wrote that… i would inquire, but the secret of it is what makes it so pure… brilliant… thank you for subscribing to my site… hope to hear from you again soon… take care!

2. LordPineapple - April 3, 2004

I MUST read this again when I am less tired.

3. closethippie - April 3, 2004

I like this immensely.  I have some writings a bit in this general style but nothing this complete.  Enjoyed reading this.  Keep it up.  Cyn

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