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February 23, 2004

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(yeah, this is based off of the place below–i went there a few years back and i’ve got a few pics of it myself… beautiful place in yellowstone :P…. and well, haven’t u ever jst wanted to dive down in one of those? yeah, i have.. despite their being incredibly hot.. they r hot springs :P)



heart river



my heart is a deep river


                water at its coolest


flowing and sweet

   sparkling and bright

in the distance

      light and clear

on the tip of your tongue

to roll around your mouth

  as soft as your lips


my heart is a deep pool


            with wells of thoughts—— (feelings, emotions, sentiments)

                you will never know


   it is rimmed in rusts of red

      painted blue with hints of azure hue

       depths of darkness to shadow its secret coves


[and i forever miss you]


my heart…. it goes by the name of heart spring


            and it resides by old faithful

            steady and silent


     yet overflowing with life


                heat you from afar….

              but do not stray, ever close

             for i fear you will burn at its touch


as i, too, remain

alone and lonesome


                                                burning brightly blue against the dark





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