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January 31, 2004

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hahahaha, and yes! one of the best daily theme assignments ever! to see if you could use the longest sentence you possibly could and have it make sense :P… mine was 151 words–i lost by 4 words ><“… and yeah, mine was better than the other guy’s 😛


Daily Theme #11

Mr. Frankenbach

English 250

February 7, 2003





            Just the other day, I was sitting at one of those rundown, urban, typically seedy bars, when a slightly overweight, middle-aged woman, whom I immediately identified as a prostitute, because of her scandalously scant attire, that barely managed to support her sickeningly oversized bosom, squeezed so near to popping out of what might have been called a dress during or after the Thermidorian reaction, but now would and should have been called a mere scrap of cloth; leaned over leering with such blatant sexual connotation that would sicken even the bravest man– though she was so heavily made up with rouge and face paint that the caked eye shadow that had been smeared across her eyelids, cracked when she blinked, causing whatever possible expression she could make indicate sexual suggestion of an unbelievably repulsive kind– to grunt at me in that low, raspy smoker’s voice: “Yo, can you pass the peanuts?”




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