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December 4, 2003

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bored and going to start hw in a few… so here :p


1. Apples or Oranges?  apples

2. Do you wear interesting underwear?  occasionally…..

3. Boxers or briefs? briefs, though not sure y anyone really cares.. plus it’s weird for girls to wear boxers all by themselves… o.O or it could jst be me


4. Do you believe in God (the conventional sense here)?  lol, funniness, define conventional… and i believe in sth… god, goddess–it’s jst easier to believe that the divine beings r female b/c life is jst too damn funny in that way for it not to be

5. Do you pray? yes

6. How often? when i feel like it… usually for sth really important

7. Do you trust people easily? yes and no, yes i’m very gullible, and no, as in i have huge trust issues

8. Are you worthy of others’ trust? i like to think so, but so many ppl disagree… :p


9. If you had to have one or the other in your spouse, would it be a great sense of humor or a powerful intellect?  both? but if i had to choose the humor, b/c i love ppl who make me laugh and i hate ppl who make me feel dumb–plus i’d be smarter than anyone i marry :p


10. Is sex without love ok?  sure, if it’s safe, but it’s not for me.. trust me, i took a quiz on it :p

11. Apples or Oranges? wasn’t this asked already?.. didn’t i say apples?


12. How many pillows do you make physical contact with while you sleep? three… yeah, i know, , jst don’t ask


13. Do you remember your dreams? occasionally.. i usually get prophetic dreams, annoying htings though since those r the ones i never remember :p

14. What is your favorite nickname/pet name that someone else has called you? ::sigh:: most ppl call me Angie–or at least if they get to know me well enough, i guess it jst fits w/ who they see me as :p–the clown. but i call myself a lot of names (dont’ ask, i talk to myself)–ase, aijnim, w.r, white rabbit, idiot, etc. my family jst sticks w/ Angie, too, or occasionally Ang…. only teachers call me by my full name (Angela)… my adopted sisters call me chipmunk (-_-) and i think that’s about it :p

15. Romance novels or soft-core porn? romance novels r my comfort books.. i read ’em when i have nothing else to do :p

16. Hard core porn? erm, no?


17. With whom are you the most shy?  around acquaintences… or ppl i don’t know very well… they’re usually the ppl to call me shy -_-…


18. Art or science? art, even though i murder stick figures

19. Paintings or sculpture? sculpture, b/c it’s so much more… 3d, idk, and i like modern sculptures more than modern painting, usually–photography trumps all :p

20. Who is your favorite author?  the list goes on for a while, but i’m a pretty big fantasy buff–Tamora Pierce, Jacqueline Carey, Mercedes Lackey, etc.


21. What is your greatest fear?  being left behind.. abandonment

22. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thus far?  procrastination is like masturbation, it’s only fun till u realize u’re screwing urself–though i haven’t triumphed over that particular evil yet (procrastination not masturbation -_-)


23. What adults, other than those in your family, have had the biggest impact on your personality? hmm… that’s hard to say, since i don’t really like adults, but i’d have to say Mr. Frankenbach? he was my sophomore  English teacher and he could probably qualify for a minor English teacher god

24. Do you like yourself? depends

25. If you could trade bodies with anyone in the world, who would it be?  hm, somone taller… w/ long legs…. idk, i like my body all right though


26. What do you do to comfort yourself?  sulk, read, write, listen to music


27. Why do you listen to music? b/c it emotes :p


28. Do you like dancing? YES! i love it, even though everyone else i know doesn’t.. i really don’t get that


29. What is the most important change you are making in your life right now? midterms, def. midterms.. which reminds me, i should be studying…


30. Can you keep secrets? Do you?  depends.. usually i forget the secret, so yes, i can and i do if i forget ’em :p


31. How old were you for your first kiss? fifteen 😀

32. Was it a good one?  eh, it was ok.. it was sorta a dare, so… yeah, that says it all


33. Alcohol or marijuana? Don’t say neither. Give an answer and explain how you mean it.  none of the above.. i really and seriously have done neither and plan to do neither… though alcohol is far better than marijuana, since it is firstly legal for a certain age and is not a gateway drug, though it can be a gateway addiction and really bad for ur liver–yes, my dad’s a doctor, so sue me


34. What was your favorite story when you were little? this moon book whose title i can’t remember–no, not Goodnight Moon–though there was this Ordinary Princess book that i really liked, but can’t remember the auther


35. Favorite movie when you were little? disney, that jst says it all


36. Favorite story now? ehh, i’d have to say Jacqueline Carey’s Terre D’Ange series, b/c it’s the last good book that i’ve read

37. Favorite movie now? hmm… Shawshank Redemption, last good movie again


38. Are you good at apologizing?  depends on my mood and the person i’m apologizing to 

39. If you were on a plane right now, and it was crashing, who would you want in the seat next to you? no one..? and i wouldn’t want to be in a plane crash ><“”””””

40. What would you tell him/her? “nice to know u?”

41. Who was the last person you thought about while trying to decide what to wear? I hmm, i usually think of the weather, but erm… ryan?


42. What is more likely to make you cry, a song or a movie?  movie, jst b/c i don’t like to listen to sad songs ><“

43. Which was the last of the above to do so?  movie


44. Give us the kids breakdown. How many you want, when, how many of each sex, names, anything you’ve already thought about.  at max: 3 or 2 and a half or sth… idk about sex, but girl boy mix up and fairly happy and very healthy… as for names top two right now, i think are Alena Grace and Derek


45. What is the best sport?  skiing even though i hate it 

46. What is the best game?  yeah, calvinball


47. On girls, long hair or short?  depends on the face shape, most hair styles do.. hate ppl whose hair styles jst don’t match the face, kills me b/c i hate cutting my hair and agonize over it when i do


48. Would you rather be blind or deaf?  neither, though i’d choose deaf, i think, mostly b/c i wouldn’t be able to stand not seeing and most of the time i’m not listening.. though not listening to music would be a major bummer


49. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?  fly, most definitely


50. What is the most unattractive thing a member of the opposite sex could do?  bodily functions and racist jokes


51. The most attractive?  make me laugh– or be embarrassed (in a good way -_-) by sth i say :p


52. Who in your life perceives you in the most flattering way?  ryan.. b/c he doesn’t see me -_-…


53. Who would you like to have speak at your funeral?  Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven b/c that’s jst such a death/suicide song.. though no, i don’t want to kill myself -_-….



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